Just In Time Service

We optimize packaging design for speed, manage inventory with pinpoint accuracy (Kanban & MRP), and deliver exactly when you need it – saving you time and money.

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How Can TEC Solutions Help You with Just-in-Time Services?

At Tec Solutions, we understand that time is money. Delays in packaging and material delivery can disrupt production lines and cost your business dearly. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Just-in-Time (JIT) service designed to optimize your packaging needs and ensure on-time delivery.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Expert Package Design: Our team of experienced engineers will design packaging solutions that are optimized for speed and efficiency. This can include minimizing material usage, improving box layout for faster assembly, and ensuring compatibility with your automated equipment.
  • Kanban & MRP Inventory Management: We utilize advanced inventory management techniques like Kanban and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to ensure you have the right materials on hand when you need them. This eliminates the need for excessive storage space and minimizes the risk of stockouts that can halt production.
  • Warehouse & Cross-Docking: We offer warehousing solutions to store your bulk-purchased packaging materials, eliminating the need for you to manage large on-site inventories. Additionally, our cross-docking capabilities allow us to receive, sort, and quickly ship your materials directly to your production line, minimizing lead times.
  • Seamless Integration: As part of the Tec Solutions Group, we offer seamless integration with our TEC Freight division. This ensures a smooth transition from packaging to delivery, with complete control and visibility over your entire supply chain.

Benefits of Our Just-in-Time Services

Reduced Production Delays
Cost Savings
Increased Efficiency
Improved Cash Flow

By ensuring on-time delivery of materials and optimized packaging for speed, we help you minimize production line downtime.

Our JIT services can help you save money on material waste, storage costs, and emergency deliveries.

Streamlined packaging processes and on-time materials translate to greater efficiency and production output.

Reduced inventory needs can improve your cash flow by minimizing upfront costs for packaging materials.

Ready to optimize your packaging and streamline your supply chain?

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