TEC Business Solutions

TEC Business Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services designed to empower your competitive edge.
TEC Business Solutions

Who We Are

We at TEC Business Solutions pride ourselves on thinking beyond the box. With over 25 years experience in the packaging industry, we understand that many companies are looking to lower their total manufacturing costs from production to delivery.

Our commitment to low-cost alternatives runs parallel to our dedication to provide quality packaging and service.

We are able to provide our customers with quality merchandise at affordable prices given our strong relationships with our suppliers, bulk purchasing power and lower freight costs with our TEC Freight division.

Let’s Start Work

Please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you with 1-2 business days. Or just call us now.

What We Offer

Time is money, and our goal at TEC Business Solutions is to save you both. Through the use of our design team, we provide you with package design that will increase cycle time on line when necessary.

TEC Manufacturing is an experienced producer of durable partitions and pads in need of packaging. We offer an array of partitions, pads and related services that will help to protect your products and save you money.

TEC Freight provides full service transportation solutions that are custom tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Mission Statement

At TEC Packaging Ltd our mission is to offer the best value to our customers by achieving excellence at all levels of operations and staff. To be recognized as the leader in quality and service of all our packaging products.

Quality Policy

Our extensive carrier network enables us to customize transportation solutions for you.

Our high touch approach to customer service means your shipment will get the attention it deserves every time, big or small.

Over the Road and Intermodal options are available to fit every budget.

"Not just a box company..."

Timeliness is critical to many industries, and nothing can be more frustrating than idling a production line for want of packaging material.

At TEC Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with round the clock service, seven days a week. We understand that our customers require top quality packaging in a timely fashion, and our ability to provide “Just-in-Time” deliveries helps to reduce your company’s material overhead, allowing you to focus on what you do.

Our 15-year history is built on four essential pillars: flexibility, continuous improvement, quality material and complete customer satisfaction. Reduce your supplier base, consolidate your invoices and take advantage of our cost saving designs. Simply put, allow us to help you to begin thinking outside the box.

We also offer a full complement of transportation solutions, through TEC Freight, to fit every budget.